Saturday, 23 November 2019

Starseeds in the Reiki Community : A Chanelled Message

Starseeds are souls who have experienced existence in different star systems and dimensions of the cosmos. Their soul carries memories of their experiences in high vibrational realities of love, light and great advancement.

Starseeds receive clues through out their lives that evoke a fascination for the stars and for dimensions beyond this planet. They may also experience a vague sense of being far away from 'home'  and find life on Earth harsh, difficult and downright peculiar at times.

During their Earthly incarnation, Starseeds remain asleep for a long period of time. They live a normal human life, yet feel somewhat different from most people around them. Starseeds have a built in alarm clock that goes off at a very specific point in time and catapults them into awakening to their soul's truth. Very often, the timing of this alarm coincides with a challenging time period in the life of the Starseed. Periods of prolonged human suffering and soul healing work culminate in this point of awakening.

Logically speaking, the concept of Starseeds is hard to make sense of. However, if this is your reality, it will ring true to you in the depths of your heart and soul. It will evoke a sense of love, peace and comfort in you. It will help you connect many dots that you may have struggled to connect over years!

 Image by skeeze from Pixabay

As a Starseed Reiki healer, you have many blessings to bring to this world.

Through this channelling, Star Beings of Light from across the cosmos send a message to all Starseed Reiki healers.

Our beloved Reiki Healers,

You are the bearers of light on Earth.

Your hands are a 'Vessel of Love.' 

Through your services, many will experience the soft touch of healing light. 

As your healing hands warm their aura, many will understand what it means to slow down and take a deep breath.

Many will learn to restore their long lost connection to their life force energy, as you show them how to tune in to this innate essence of existence.

For the first time in their lives, many will experience the tender touch of love through your healing hands.

Many will train under your tutelage and in turn spread the light to several others.

As you heal your soul, many will heal their own souls too. 

As you awaken to your truth, many will awaken to their souls' rich heritage.

And they shall join the ranks of Light Bearers on Earth.

So, dearest Reiki healers, this is the power you have been blessed with. We trust you will use it for the highest and greatest good of Gaia.

If our words resonate with you, you know who you are.
If our words resonate with you, you know what you are here to do.
If our words resonate with you, you know that you are loved beyond words can ever describe.

We watch over you and are just a call away. Call on us, if you ever need help with your Divine Mission on Earth.

We love you, beautiful souls!
The Council of Star Beings

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 19th November, 2019.

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