Monday, 23 December 2019

12 Blessings from the Council of Light

Dear Lightworkers,


We speak to you from the realm of the Ascended Masters, Angels and Star Masters. 

We each work for the Light. We are thrilled to be connecting with you today.  

In this transmission, we would like to speak to you of your 'Sacred Mission' 
And we would also like to bless your 'Sacred Mission!' 

Each of you, dear lightworkers, has a specific role to play here on Earth.  
Each of you has come here with a specific mission to accomplish. 
Some of you have woken up completely to your mission, while others of you are in the process of waking up. 

Your endeavour on Earth, dear ones, is to ensure that your 'personal vibe' adds to the upgradation of the 'collective vibe.' And for this purpose, we see that you are committed to your own healing and work tirelessly towards refining your consciousness. 

We would like to applaud you, dear ones, for working on yourself, for choosing to trust in your mission and for shining the light in your own unique way. 

We are now delighted to offer blessings to you and to your mission on Earth. 
We would like you to know that while you are currently in human form and we are not, we are still on your team. 

 Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

So, dear ones, we are all in this together!
Your mission is ours.
Your success is ours. 

So let's get some good wishes and blessings pouring your way. We would be honoured to have you receive them. You may read out each blessing aloud and breathe it into your being. When you feel complete, you may move on to receive the next blessing. 

The Twelve Blessings

Your Higher Self/I AM Presence- I offer to you the gift of the 'Column of White Light.' Dear ones, you shall stay safe in this column and vibrate at the purest frequencies of love, light, power and wisdom. 

Lord Ganesha - I offer to you the blessing of a 'Golden Path' that is adorned with etheric lotuses and is free from all obstacles.  

Lord Shiva -I offer to you the blessing of courage and masculine strength that will help propel you into action when called for. 

Archangel Michael - I offer to walk beside you in every moment and to act as your guide while you live out your sacred destiny.  

Goddess Quan Yin - I send to you the blessing of compassion and feminine strength. As you walk your path, may you extend compassion towards your self and others. May your Divine Feminine energy help you flow with your mission in ease and grace.  

Mother Mary - I send to you the gift of infinite love. I hold you in the highest frequency of unconditional love as you walk your path. 

Saint Anne (Grandmother of Jesus) - I send blessings to the 'Foundation of Light' that you are here to lay on Earth. May this foundation grow in strength and serve as a guiding light into the Golden Age of Gaia. 

Goddess Lakshmi - I send blessings of abundance consciousness your way. May you embody the vibration of abundnace and know that you are deserving of limitless prosperity. 

Star Masters of Sirius - We send an abundance of blue light your way. May this light assist you to speak your truth with love. May you create 'Heaven on Earth.'

Star Masters of Pleiades - We send a million bubbles of JOY your way. May you be infinitely joyful as you do this work!

Star Masters of Lyra- We send energy packets of infinite potential your way. May these energies assist you to tap into your highest creative potential. May the the forces of your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies merge to create 'Heaven on Earth.'

Star Masters of Andromeda - We send a stream of golden light your way. May this divine light elevate you and bring you the right opportunities at the right time. May this light inspire you to be a Divine Channel on Gaia.

Dear Ones, we send many many blessings to you and to your family!
May you be blessed abundantly in every aspect of life. 
Thank you for being a Light Bearer on Earth.

We love you!
The Council of Light

About the Author

Haripriya is a Reiki Master Teacher, an Angel healer and a Starseed Lightworker. Her purpose is to help souls awaken to the truth of their divine light and to connect with their sacred missions.

Haripriya offers personalised Starseed transmissions and the following online courses through Reiki Rays University. 


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