Thursday, 16 January 2020

Awaken your 'Inner Guru' : Unicorn Wisdom

Dearest Ones,

Greetings from the Unicorn Realm. 

Welcome to our abode!

As you read this, know that you are connected to our abode, our energetic dimension. 

Our dimension brings to you a very very high frequency of unconditional love, light and purity.

We recommend that you take a deep breath in and absorb this high frequency into your heart and higher heart chakras. 

One more time, please.
And once more....

Dear Ones, it is not often that we are asked to visit you. But whenever we do, rest assured that you are ready for a quantum leap in your evolution, your energetic state, your vibration.  

Unconditional love, expansive love, free spirited love- these are the themes for 2020!
Dear Ones, in order to walk the path of Love, you know which of your relationships need healing. You know what in your own heart needs healing. You know the path you must choose for your own highest good. You know everything that you need to know. All the answers and insights you seek are within you.  Trust your inner voice. Trust what you see. Trust what you feel. Trust the guidance you hear. And act in accordance with your own truth. 

 Image by Doreen Sawitza from Pixabay

We see that many of you have been stressing yourselves out trying to seek validation from gurus and other authority figures. Dear Ones, a Guru is indeed a great blessing on the path. A Guru can help you tap in to your inner wisdom and also point the way towards the Light. However, he or she is not a substitute for your own 'Inner Guru.'

The ultimate Guru for you is your own 'Inner Guru.'

Your 'Inner Guru' knows what is best for the unique path you are meant to walk.

We urge you to remember this truth, dear ones. 

2020 is going to be a time of massive heart awakening for many of you Lightworkers. As you embrace more of your heart light, old wounds shall dissolve and outdated models of love shall fall apart. In the process, a new and expansive form of love shall take birth. Your may expect a literal rebirth of your heart, dear ones. This rebirth shall turn out to be revolutionary for many of you. It shall be unlike anything that has ever happened in the recent history of Earth. 

Do not let this heart based revolution frighten you, dear ones. If it's happening to you, simply trust that you are indeed ready for  a quantum leap in your own growth. Each of you will experience this revolution in different ways, as per your own soul contracts. 

No matter how it unfolds, trust the process, dear ones. This is something we wish to repeat over and over again.

And do remember to strengthen your connection with your 'Inner Guru.'

She or he is your best guide at this time of rapid change and transformation!

The more you trust your Inner Guru, the more you empower yourself. 

We leave you with the gift of these Light Language Codes. 

Masya Masya Masya

Recite them or breathe their energy into your heart ( 3 cycles).

Stay strong, stay empowered! 
Spread the love....

We love you
The Unicorns

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 16th January, 2020. 

About the Author

Haripriya is a Reiki Master Teacher, an Angel healer and a Starseed Lightworker. Her purpose is to help souls awaken to the truth of their divine light and to connect with their sacred missions.

Haripriya offers personalised Starseed transmissions and the following online courses through Reiki Rays University. 





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