Friday, 10 January 2020

Love on 5D Earth : A Full Moon Channelled Message

Dear Ones,

Warmest Greetings!

How is it going down there on Earth?

How does it feel as you open your heart more and more?  

You are now part of an evolutionary cycle that is pushing you to open up your connection to the Universal Heart, the Cosmic Heart, the Divine Heart. 

When you touch the depths of this Cosmic Heart, a part of you shifts forever. 

The Cosmic Heart burns and transmutes the limiting human belief that "Love is painful."  

Love, dear ones, is love. Period. 

Pain was never meant to be a part of love. 

Love was always meant to be free flowing and unconditional. 

Love is pure and innocent. 

Why then do humans have such a hard time experiencing love? 
Why is love on Earth kept tightly closed in a box and opened with extreme caution, only within certain safe boundaries? 

Some questions for you to ponder, dear ones!

You have experienced 'painful love' as part of your Earthly encounters. 
However, as Light Bearers, you know deep down that painful love is 'pure nonsense.' We apologise for the strong word. But, in human terms, that's exactly what the notion of painful love is!

You, dear ones, are now ready to step beyond the confines of painful love. 
You are now ready to embrace free spirited and joyful love. 

 mage by beate bachmann from Pixabay

This love is love for the sake of love. No questions asked. No conditions imposed. 

This love isn't associated with guilt or shame. 

This love isn't associated with stigma or betrayal. 

This love isn't associated with boundary or restriction. 

It flows freely, embracing every part of the experiencer and his or her experience.
It trusts in the power of the Cosmic Heart to fuel it, thereby rendering it strong and unshakable, pure and healthy. 

Dear Ones, this love may seem abnormal or even dangerous when viewed through the lens of '3D Perception,' that has prevailed on Earth for eons. 3D was all about limitation and duality, constriction and suffering.

However, as the Earth moves into 5D (New Earth), it shall call forth for a more expansive lightness to prevail. Love in 5D shall begin to take on its original flavour.    

Your role now is to begin to embrace and embody this higher version of 5D love. As you do so, you begin to seed the collective consciousness, thereby inspiring subtle but huge shifts in the collective human psyche. 

So, dear ones, we urge you to shine on. As you embody the new 5D love energy, know that it is very natural for you to experience periods of breakdown and catharsis yourself. Every human memory and experience that has ever constricted your free expression of love will come crumbling down. All unhealed patterns will shatter into a million pieces before your own eyes. But do not fear this process, dear ones. You have what it takes to get through this process of purging. It is a valuable and necessary part of the process to freedom. Unless the rubble on the old road is cleared, there is no way a new path can emerge. 

So, stick through all of it. And know that we are right beside you, weaving a cocoon of love and support around you. If you ever feel anxious or vulnerable, call on us. And we shall send more help your way. 

Remember this dear ones- You are never alone!

We thank you for all the good work you are doing as the Earth makes the shift from 3D to 5D. 

We love you!
The Council of Light

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 4th January, 2020. 

About the Author

Haripriya is a Reiki Master Teacher, an Angel healer and a Starseed Lightworker. Her purpose is to help souls awaken to the truth of their divine light and to connect with their sacred missions.

Haripriya offers personalised Starseed transmissions and the following online courses through Reiki Rays University. 


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