Friday, 14 February 2020

Gift of Higher Love : An Energy Transmission

Dearest Ones, 

We are the Team of Fifteen Archangels and Two Ascended Masters. Our names are as follows-

Archangels- Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron, Sandalphon, Haniel, Jeremiel, Chamuel, Raziel, Ariel, Azrael, Jophiel, Raguel and Zadkiel.  

Ascended Masters- Radha & Krishna (The Ultimate Divine Couple)

We send you love and light!

We have a special message today for those of you in romantic partnerships and also for those of you who are working towards finding them.  

One of the key lessons that romantic relationships offer is the mastery of self-love, which means- 

1. Finding wholeness and completeness within yourself and not depending on your soul partner to complete you. 
2. Learning to love yourself fully and completely and then sharing that love with a soul partner.

Today, we ask that you focus on yourself. 

Love yourself
Appreciate yourself
Celebrate yourself

This is a soul lesson that you are here to master in this lifetime, dear ones.

To help you on the path, we bring a gift to you today - 

 Rings of LLP (Love, Light, Power)

This gift consists of 9 rings that correspond to nine chakras of your etheric body. 

The Rings of LLP are here to help you celebrate love, choose light and stand in your power. 

"Celebrate love? With whom?", we hear you ask. 

With YOURSELF - dearest ones!

                                        Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay 

Within these high vibrational Rings of LLP, you shall have access to the deepest and purest layers of unconditional love. And you shall take the opportunity to bask in this love. You must give this gift to yourself today, dear ones. It is a command! 

We know you have free will on your planet and you can absolutely choose what you want to do. But just for today, we insist that you give love to yourself. 

We hope you will trust our word and know that there must indeed be a higher reason for why we insist. 

Just for today, we ask that put aside all your human love related troubles and open up to a present that you so deserve. 

Put aside all feelings of longing, loneliness, abandonment, rejection, pain, sorrow. And simply allow yourself to receive that which you deserve.

What you receive here is the Higher Love that is freely available to everyone in the higher planes of existence (5D and up). 

However, we know and even you know that love seems deficient and painful in your human experience (3D). We understand the struggle and the frustration, dear ones. 

As Light Bearers, you serve as the bridge between the lower and higher worlds. You have experienced the depths of love related pain and sorrow in 3D. However, you also have access to the supreme heights of love and ecstasy that 5D offers.  
We bring this gift of the 'Rings of LLP' to you today and ask that you re-experience this Higher Love. Your soul knows this energy already. And after you taste it, you are free to use it as you deem fit. You may wish to stop with this experience or you may choose to anchor more of this Higher Love into your 3D reality, thereby helping create Heaven on Earth. 

As Lightworkers, you have the power to create whole new paradigms on Earth, all by acting as channels for higher energies to flow through you and out into the collective consciousness.

When you allow yourself to choose Higher Love, when you stand strong in your power and when you love yourself to the utmost degree, you unleash powerful new vibrations that ripple across the collective consciousness. 

These vibrations not only impact the collective positively but also bounce back and have a magnetic impact on your own love life. 

We now present the Rings of LLP to you, dear ones. Read, relax and receive this transmission at your own pace. Pause at each step and allow the energy to do its work. Enjoy!

Rings of LLP Transmission

Dearest Ones, 

We begin by placing a column of pure white light over you. See or feel it. 
This column of white light rises high up into the ethers and goes deep down into the core of the Earth. This column serves to keep your energy field strong and protected while you receive the Rings of LLP Transmission. Breathe consciously for a minute or two as the column anchors itself over you.

We now call forth nine Rings of LLP. These are golden white energetic rings adorned with pink roses. We now place one ring around each of your nine chakras, in the following order-

Your Soul star chakra (a few inches over your crown chakra)

Your crown chakra

Your third eye

Your throat chakra

Your beautiful heart chakra

Your solar plexus

Your sacral chakra

Your root chakra

Your earth star chakra (a few inches below your feet)

We now fill the gaps between the rings with golden silver starlight. 

And we top this ringed structure with a high vibrational golden pyramid. 

Dear ones, you are now in a cylindrical light grid, infused with starlight and topped by a golden pyramid.

Take a few minutes to breathe deeply within the high vibrational energetic framework created by the Rings of LLP. 

Breathe in the love, receive, relax.
Breathe in the light, receive, relax.
Breathe in the power, receive, relax. 

Dear ones, you may stay in this energy field for as long as you wish to. When you feel complete, drink some water, give gratitude and ground yourself sufficiently. 

Enjoy love! Celebrate Love! Be love!

We love you
The Divine Light Team

In service to the Divine and to Gaia this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 10th February,2020.This message is timeless and you can benefit from its wisdom any time and every time you read it.

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