Sunday, 29 March 2020

New Earth Activation 1 : Andromeda

Dear Ones,

Greetings from Andromeda!

We are happy and grateful to connect with you today. 

We place a column of pure white light over you. And we send a bright beam of golden light your way.  

This golden light offers very high vibrational frequencies that we need you to imprint on Earth right now.

Breathe them in. Allow them to go down through your feet and into the core of Gaia.

Humanity is facing turbulent times. Our beloved Gaia is also going through a huge shift and it is our wish to support her through this time.

We ask that you spend a few moments breathing in this golden light and sending it down into the core of Gaia.

We need our beloved Star Children on Earth to hold the golden frequencies on Planet Earth.

We need you to uphold the vision of Golden Gaia.
We need you to seed the Golden Christ Light on Gaia. 

Over the next one week, breathe and allow this seeding to happen as often as you can comfortably do so.  

We also ask that you repeat the words “Golden Gaia” over and over again. Connect with your heart center and say the words “Golden Gaia’ softly to yourself, twelve times in a row.

As you say those words, see Earth shining bright and pure and vibrating at a very high frequency.

Dear Ones, you do not have to logically understand what ‘Golden Gaia’ entails. Do not worry about the details.  

For now, all you need to do is intend Golden Gaia, visualize it and seed the light.

The “Golden Age” has begun to unfold already. And it shall continue to unfold exactly as it needs to. All you are required to do, especially at this time of turbulence, is to support the process by bringing in more Light. The Light knows exactly what needs to be done.

All of the Star Races are supporting the human race and Gaia through the process of ascension.

We, the Andromedans, wish to gift Gaia with the highest frequencies of Golden Light. 

And you, our beloved Starseeds on Earth, are our channels.

We thank you for giving us the opportunity to connect with you and for your service to the Light.

Together, let us build a Golden Gaia!
We love you. 

In service to the Divine and Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj. This message is timeless and you can benefit from its wisdom any time and every time you read it.
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