Saturday, 14 March 2020

The Lightworker's Prayer for Earth

Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

Dear Archangel Michael and St Germain,

We ask for the Forces of Light to step up their presence on Gaia at this time. 

We ask for the highest frequencies of blue and violet light to wash over the collective fear energy on this planet and for every ounce of darkness to be alchemized into light. 

We ask for deep cleansing of the Earth and the collective human psyche rooted in fear, drama, trauma and sensationalism. 

We ask for the highest healing for those who are unwell at this time and for supreme protection for the medical personnel treating them. 

We ask for Grids of Golden White Light to be anchored into the energy field of Gaia and for a million Angels to watch over her. 

As the Ground Crew, we ask to be strong channels for Divine love, light, peace, courage, wisdom and empowerment. 

Help us know that every 'crisis' on Gaia is an opportunity for us to serve by bringing in more LIGHT. 

Help us know that everything is happening exactly as it is supposed to and our role at this time is to shine the Light, NO MATTER WHAT.


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