Monday, 9 March 2020

You Are Not Alone : The Ashtar Command Speaks

Dearest dearest ones,

We know, we know, we know!

We know it has not been easy. 
We know it feels unfair. 
We know how terrible it feels after all the hard work you've been putting in. 
We know it often feels like a let down.  
We totally understand and we empathise.

Dear ones, the cosmic energy waves coming in are literally washing over the Lightworker community, forcing you to purge dense energies at a very rapid pace. 
We know this constant purging takes a toll on you - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 
We know many of are or have been in a very dark place. 
We see some of you are angry with us and your entire Spiritual Team of Light, wondering what the heck has been going on!
Do you feel like your cosmic helpers and well wishers have vanished from the scenes, and abandoned you to fate, dear ones?

 Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (loud laughter)

If yes, we wish to reassure you that we are right by your side. 
We are very close to you this very moment. And we send you a huge cosmic hug!
We wipe your tears, We stroke your head, We send love to your heart. Relax!

Take a moment, breathe and let our presence sink into your awareness.
Feel your feet on the ground and let the stress of the last few days drain itself out through the chakras in your feet.  

You are not flawed, dear ones. 
You are just being authentically human in a world that often aims to be superhuman. 
You have the courage to stare at the rawness of your painful human wounds and accept them for what they are. 
You have the courage to see and accept your own darkness.
We see that you fight a lonely battle at times, pushing for your authentic self to shine through, though you are not sure of how it will be received by the world around you. 

This is no small feat, dear ones. 

We see your desire to open up to those around you and tell them about the authentic YOU- the fears in your mind, the pain in your heart and the desires of your soul. 
However, you aren't sure whom to open up to at times. You fear the consequences of opening up to those who may not be able to comprehend the energy of your authentic self. 

We understand, dear ones. 
But we urge you to keep going. 
Take little steps, open you heart just a wee bit, take a small risk, tell someone a little bit about how you feel.....
Do this with the highest intention of helping the collective human consciousness open up to the idea of authentic human expression. 
And then sit back and witness what happens....

This is not the time to play it small, dear ones. 
Do you really care what anyone thinks any more?
You are on an important mission, dear ones. 

You must remember that you are an advanced soul who has played this game of ascension several times, in several different realities. This is not new to you. However, it is likely to be a new game for many that surround you. As per social parameters, it may seem like authentic expression is weakness and suppression is strength. However, the higher truth is that it requires immense strength to  drop all masks, embrace your wounds and to show your authentic self to the world. 

This may feel like a lonely game at times, dear ones. 
However, we assure you that it will get easier with time. 
The process may take time. With time, your authentic self will help you create and nurture relationships at a much higher level than you ever thought possible on Earth. 

Patience is what is called for at this time, sweethearts. 
As we said earlier, take baby steps, take small risks. 
If opening yourself up completely feels intimidating, open up a little bit at a time. 
But take one little step at least...
And see where this heck of a crazy magical ride on Earth leads you....

We are very close to you at this moment! 
You are loved and supported.
You are loved and supported.
You are loved and supported.

We love you
The Ashtar Command 

The Ashtar Command is a group of extra-terrestrial light beings, headed by the Master Commander Ashtar. The Ashtar Command is considered to be the air borne division of the Light Forces. It supports Lightworkers in their Earthly mission and assists humanity evolve into higher levels of consciousness. 

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