Wednesday, 22 April 2020

A Starseed's Call for Help

My Dear Star Family of Light and Commander Ashtar,

I am so happy to connect with you! 

I have truly missed my home in the stars, where existence felt very different as compared to life on Earth. 

I miss the love, joy, kindness, peace and beauty. 
I miss the feelings of oneness and togetherness.  
I miss the Yin-Yang balance that was pivotal to high vibe living.
I miss my dear star family.

However, I do know that my mission on Earth includes energetically imprinting the very vibrations I so miss here! 

I intend to remember my mission and to accomplish everything I signed up for.

I am awakening to the truth of my starry origin. 
I am awakening to my light. 
I am awakening to my mission. 

I summon the cosmic help I need to fulfil my mission, 
I summon the divine inspiration I need to unleash my highest potential. 
I summon opportunities that will help me seed the world with the unique vibrations I bring from the stars.

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The obstacles on my path seem insurmountable at times. 

Every time I try to shine the light, I also encounter some form of darkness that tries to dim it. This darkness often presents itself as negative thoughts from my own mind or from external sources.

Sometimes, darkness also presents itself as light in disguise and I find I am confused or misled when this happens.  

I summon the wisdom I need to clearly tell the difference between the voices of the 'Forces of Light' and the 'Forces of Darkness.'

I summon the courage and spirit of a warrior to help me keep going no matter what.

I summon my light to shine so bright that I am unshakable and unstoppable as I go about fulfilling my mission.

I ask for your powerful assistance with the successful manifestation of my vision and mission. And I ask for it NOW!

I love you. Thank you!
Your Beloved Child from the Stars


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