Sunday, 5 April 2020

New Earth Activation 2 : Arcturus

Dear Ones,

Greetings from Arcturus!
How are you doing?

We bring energy codes from Arcturus to you today.
Relax, read and feel!  

Part One

We place a column of pure white light over you and ask that you bring your attention to your crown chakra. 

See or feel the one thousand petals of your crown chakra opening up.
(If you work with chakras higher than the crown such as the soul star and higher, you may place your attention there) 

Now bring your attention to the chakras in your feet. See or feel them opening up.
(If you work with the Earth Star chakra, which is a little below the feet, you may place your attention there). 

We send a deep blue light your way now. 

You may act as a channel by allowing this light to enter through your crown chakra, pass through all of your chakras till the base and then go down through the chakras in your feet, into the core of Gaia. 

Close your eyes softly. And with every in breath, take in the blue light.

With every out breath, allow it to go down through your feet, into the core of Mama Earth.

Do this 3, 6, 9 or 12 times. 

Part 2

We now send nine codes, which you may read aloud, breathe and transmit into Gaia. Alternately, as you read out each code, you may simply hold the corresponding vision in your third eye. 

Here we go- 

1.     Scientific advancement 111 – We now imprint Codes 111 of scientific and technological advancement that contribute to the betterment of humanity and all species on Earth, in a way that is harmonious to existence. Scientific advancement 111

2.    Soul advancement 222 –We now imprint Codes 222 of soul advancement, to help awaken all those who are ready to know themselves as multidimensional beings with an energy body. Soul advancement 222

3.    Oneness field 333 – We now imprint Codes 333 to help foster a sense of oneness among countries, religions, races and ethnic groups and the wisdom to know that no matter what circumstances they are born into and how their exterior appears, everyone is a human being. Oneness field 333

4.    Kindness 444 – We now imprint Codes 444 to help the opening of the Collective Human Heart and we ask for kindness to replace pettiness, bitterness, judgement and all lower frequency energies. Kindness 444

5.    Peaceful Coexistence 555 – We now imprint Codes 555 to help inspire peaceful coexistence between humans and the natural kingdoms. Peaceful Coexistence 555

6.    Health 666 – We now imprint Codes 666 to help activate “Golden Health” and to inspire conscious health practices. We ask for upgradation of DNA to support robust health in all Earth species. Health 666

7.    Wisdom 777 – We now imprint Codes 777 to help activate the “Inner Flame of Wisdom” within the Earth Human and ask that mankind is more and more aligned with higher wisdom in thought, word and deed. Wisdom 777  

8.    Higher Consciousness 888 – We now imprint Codes 888 to help activate the Higher Mind and Higher Consciousness in humans. We ask that they rise above base level instincts and discover joy in whole new ways of being. Higher Consciousness 888  

9.    Surprise 999 – We now imprint Codes 999. This is to activate a happy surprise and will unfold uniquely for each person in accordance with their soul path. Surprise 999

Dear Ones, we thank you for your service!

May you be blessed abundantly. May the work you are doing bring you manifold blessings and rewards. Thank you for serving as a channel to create New Earth.

We love you!

In service to the Divine and Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj. 

To book a personalized Starseed Transmission, you may reach Haripriya on 

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