Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Release your Burden : A Golden Gift from Jesus

Beloved Ones,


I am Master Jesus. I am so happy to connect with you today. 

I am here to help you breathe into your beautiful heart space. 

Breathe in…dear ones….

And as you breathe out, exhale all of the stress and tension you are holding in your body and mind. 


Let it all go….

Do this 3, 6, 9 or 12 times. 

My Dear Ones, I see that you are having a rather difficult time, navigating different emotions, different kinds of people and different challenges.  

It has been hard for you to balance multiple factors in your life. You try to see through the lens of different people and hold space for each of them. 

It can feel exhausting when there is a huge burden on your back and no sight of a place where you may lay the burden down and rest for a bit. 

It can feel exhausting when situations seem so tricky and un-maneuverable that a solution seems nowhere in sight. 

Dear ones, I am here to let you know that if you find yourself navigating a challenging situation, it means that there is a gift hidden in it for you, for the other people involved and also for the world at large. 

This gift may not be apparent right away. 

But let me assure you that you are well on your way to unwrapping this gift.

This gift, dear ones, is a gift of Light, that shall bring many blessings to you, to your family, to your community and to the planet.

I now present a Golden Yellow Flame to you, in which you may deposit all 
burdensome energies that you have been carrying for the last few days, weeks, months or even years. 

Allow me to ease your burden for a while. And rest deeply, sweet souls. 

 Image by ariyandhamma from Pixabay

See the Golden Yellow Flame appear before you. Allow this burden to be lifted off your back and place it within the Golden Yellow Flame now.

Let go, dear ones. 

I tell you it is safe to let it go. 

Letting a burden go does not mean you don’t care about the issue any more. It just means that you do not allow burdensome energy to lower your beautiful Spirit and to dim your Divine light. 

Dear Ones, you do not have to micro manage the Universe. 

You do not have to do everything alone. 

Remember the discussion your soul had with your Team of Light before you went into physical incarnation. 

All of us on your Team of Light told you that we would be right there, supporting you, while you are in physical embodiment.

We told you that challenges and obstacles are part of a soul’s journey on Earth and that they aren’t to be feared. 

When you picked your specific soul mission, we told you that you would face challenges unique to your mission. 

We told you that every time an obstacle shows up on your path, it does not indicate failure.

Does your soul remember this conversation we had? 

Life on Earth is all about navigating ups and downs. 
Situations take time to manifest physically. 
Solutions take time to appear. 

You knew all of this before you went down there. However, we do understand it can feel super frustrating at times. 

Trust the path your soul has chosen for you, my beloved ones.

Can you do that? 

I encourage you to remember why you chose to go down there. I urge you to trust your journey on Earth. 

I am gently reminding you that you are supported by your Team of Light. 

However, you must learn the art of patience and perseverance, especially in the face of obstacles. 


This is a soul lesson you must master at this time. 

And learn to RELAX and have some fun along the way!

This is another soul lesson you must master. 

Dear Ones, it is my hope that my words have brought you comfort and peace.

The energetic burden you placed within the Golden Yellow Flame shall be taken care of. It is not yours to carry. I will help to transmute it into Light. 

I, along with your entire 'Team of Light' request that you not worry about this burden any longer and simply stay focused on your mission. 

Breathe in… 

And breathe out any lingering tension into the Golden Yellow Flame. 

Do this 3, 6, 9 or 12 times. 

Drink some water when you’re done and relax!

I love you beloveds. And I send you countless blessings!
Master Jesus

In service to the Divine and Gaia, this message was channeled by Haripriya Suraj on 6th May, 2020. This message is timeless and you may benefit from it wisdom any time and every time you read it.

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  1. I appreciate the message from Jesus and St.Germain.Thank you!! Namaste!!