Saturday, 9 May 2020

The Violet Flame Path to 5D Earth : Saint Germain's Message

Beloved Ones,


I am the Ascended Master Saint Germain, the bearer of the Violet Flame. 

Many blessings to you!

The Violet Flame is a high frequency energy that can help to burn, transmute, alchemize, clear and elevate the lower frequency consciousness that is prevalent on Gaia. 

The Violet Flame is here to assist the energetic transition of Gaia and humanity into the fifth dimension of consciousness and higher. 

At this very moment, I am holding Gaia in the Violet Flame. She burns within the flames of this cosmic violet energy, shedding layers of pain, trauma and discord. 

If you feel ready and willing, I invite you to consider joining me to become a Violet Flame Bearer on Earth. 

When you invoke the Violet Fire every morning, it can help clear and strengthen your energy field and prepare you for the day ahead. This fire may seem like a mysterious force but it is not meant to be a mystery any more. It is meant to be known and to be applied for the greatest benefit of all on Earth. 

Dear Ones, if you feel ready, I urge you to learn to work with the Violet Flame.
Take the support of the Violet Flame to assist your own self first. Make Violet Flame invocation and cleansing a part of your energy healing practice. 

As you work with Violet Fire to clean your personal energy, you will be guided on how you can also apply it to assist the collective cleansing of humanity.

 Image by 8926 from Pixabay

Apart from the Violet Flame of Alchemy, there are numerous other frequencies of Light that you may call in to assist during this great transition of humanity. Some of them include- 

·       White light for protection and cleansing

·       Deep blue light for protection and strength 

·       Pink light for love, kindness and compassion

·       Green light for balance and harmony

·       Golden light for heightened spiritual awareness and wisdom 

·       And of course your very own Reiki for energy balance, wellness and soul growth!

Dear Ones, will you make use of the numerous energy tools at your disposal? 

You volunteered to assist Gaia at this time of global transition. 

Do you remember this? Does this feel true to your heart and soul?

If yes, this is the time to for you to be on your toes!

Call in the different frequencies of Light to assist yourself, others and the Earth. 

Call in the Violet Flame when deep cleansing and alchemy are required. 

Gaia has been in the grip of lower frequency energy for ages. 

Call in the Violet Flame to help transmute the dense energies of violence, aggression, racism. hatred, fanaticism, perversion, greed, irresponsible use of resources, fear, anxiety and any other collective lower frequency energy that has gripped the human consciousness. 

Dear Ones, now that you are ascending to a higher level of consciousness, do you see the negative impact that lower frequency energy has on you and on humanity at large?

Do you think war and violence are worth the price paid ?

Does any form of hatred get humanity anywhere at all?

The chaos that has manifested in the current time is asking you to open your eyes and to see what is truly important. 

Human life is precious, dear ones. People deserve to live in a state of love, safety, peace, abundance, joy and harmony. 

As the Golden Age approaches, you must understand that hostility, in all its forms, has to draw to a close. 

This means the thought process of humanity has to undergo a huge collective transformation. 

The need to experience lower frequency dramas play out on Earth must be dissolved. 
The human being must begin to ask the questions – 

Is all of the chaos that erupts on this beautiful planet worthwhile?

Is the negativity brewing in my own mind helping in any way?

How can I make better use of my time here and contribute to making the world a nicer place?

Is there a higher way to live?

Can I live responsibly, taking the support of natural and man-made resources with gratitude, while not exploiting them beyond my need? 

Ask these questions to yourself and you shall automatically imprint them energetically into the ‘Collective,’ thereby inspiring others to ask similar questions. 

The time has arrived for humans to ask themselves some tough questions and to make a conscious choice to adapt to higher ways of living, loving, thinking and co-existing. 

The Violet Flame can assist with this process of global alchemical transformation. 

Make it a practice to visualise the Earth enveloped in a huge Violet Fire. See all lower frequency energies burning away in this fire. And then proceed to   infuse the Earth with other higher frequencies of light (white, pink, green, golden, Reiki). 

Every time you do this, you clear some dense energy and make space for fresh new energy to come in. And when more numbers of you do this, the greater the impact shall be. 

I shall now gift a Violet Flame Invocation to you. You may recite this to call in the Violet Flame to assist on a personal and planetary level. Before you recite this, pleasure ensure that you are centered in a column of pure white light 

Dear Violet Fire, please cleanse, clear, purify and elevate my body, mind, emotions and consciousness.

Dear Violet Fire, please cleanse, clear, purify and elevate the body, mind, emotions and consciousness of the human collective. 

Dear Violet Fire, please cleanse, clear, purify and elevate the body, mind, emotions and consciousness of Mama Earth.

Burn, burn, burn,

Alchemize, alchemize, alchemize

Purify, purify, purify

Elevate, elevate, elevate

Violet Fire, please help us birth the Golden Age, the New Earth, the Violet Earth!

We now take charge as the cosmic midwives that we came here to be.

Violet Fire, please help us birth the Golden Age, the New Earth, the Violet Earth!

Rise, rise, rise now…Golden Violet Divine Beautiful New Earth!

And so it is!

With all my love
Saint Germain

Note: Please remember to stay hydrated and well-grounded when you work with the Violet Flame. 

In service to the Divine and Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj. This message is timeless and you can benefit from its wisdom any time and every time you read it. 

Recommended Reading : Violet Flame by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

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