Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Balance on New Earth : A Message for Starseeds & Lightworkers

Greetings from the Star Realms!

How are you, dear hearts? 

How is the ‘Great Transition to New Earth’ going for you? 

If you are drawn to reading this, you are a fully awakened or awakening Starseed/Lightworker. 

Congratulations! You are now stepping into your divine mission and assisting Gaia, as she makes a beautiful shift into a higher level of consciousness (5D and higher).  

The intention of this transmission is to help clear any conflicting energies that may be blocking your smooth transition from 3D to 5D. 

Dear Ones, you must remember that transition to 5D does not mean that everything that is part of 3D Earth must be abandoned or dismissed as ‘bad.’ 

We see many of our beloved children from the Stars trapped in conflict and confusion. Frustrated at the state of affairs in the world, many dear lightworkers have taken on the belief that in order for 5D to emerge, everything 3D must make a clean exit. 

They hope that all existing systems will collapse and allow a whole new system to emerge. Many also hope that a natural green world would be an ideal solution to every problem on the planet. 

Dear Ones, we completely understand your frustration and we appreciate your intentions to help the planet. We understand existence may have felt very different on some on your home planets and star systems. Your remembrance of life elsewhere may inspire you to create a replica of the same on Earth. 

Systems on Earth may not appeal to you and you may be tempted to find fault with many of them. 

We request you to refrain from fault funding, dear hearts.  

We request you to honour the fact that every planet and star system has its own way of functioning. 

Systems evolve on a planet or star based on the unique challenges faced there and the collective needs of its species. No system is perfect and every system comes with its own set of pros and cons. 

Fault finding lowers Gaia’s vibration. It dims your beautiful light and also has a negative impact on the collective human vibration. 

And you do know that you did not incarnate on Earth to add to negativity. You went there to be part of the system and to initiate positive change from within the system.  

Your efforts must not be geared towards destroying 3D in order to enter 5D. It simply does not work that way. 

Your efforts must be geared towards upgrading the existing 3D paradigm to 5D, in a way that is loving, practical and realistic. 

Do you think the entire world could be as connected as it is today, if not for the advancement of science and technology?  

Do you think you could travel half way across the globe in a matter of hours without aviation technology? 

Do you think WE could reach out to so many of you at one go without the Internet? 

Do you think Lightworkers and Starseeds incarnated in different parts of the globe could find one another without online communities? 

If YOU are reading our words now, it is thanks to the advent of science and technology on Earth. 

Would victims of accidents and people with serious medical conditions be able to receive support without the birth of medical science? 

Would clean filtered water, sanitation, electricity and many of the amenities that add comfort to your life be possible without scientific advancement? 

Dear Ones, yes, you MUST honour the natural world. Gaia is your mother. And she must be honoured. But you must also recognise that if not for scientific and technological advancement, your life on Earth may have been very different and even challenging in many aspects. 

If you believe that science has added value to human life, it is safe for you to feel grateful for it. 

The natural world is precious. It must be well cared for, nourished, respected and honoured. 

On the same note, it is also important to honour and respect the world of science and technology. It is possible to make use of scientific resources in a highly conscious and responsible manner. 

The human being has been gifted with a higher consciousness that makes it possible for him to apply restraint and act responsibly. 

Recognise that nature and science are both part of reality on Earth and that a fine balance has to be maintained between the two. 

 Image by InspiredImages from Pixabay

Any positive change has to come through acknowledging the systems that are already in place and making responsible use of them, until something even better can be birthed and take their place.  

Balance is key to good living in the current times. 

Dear Ones, please remember that 5D is a state of consciousness! 

5D is about operating from the higher consciousness of love, light, wisdom, empowerment, abundance, kindness, harmony, awareness, balance and oneness consciousness. 

5D is about infusing the systems on Earth with higher consciousness and allowing them to evolve into upgraded versions that serve the highest good of Earth and her species. 

Keep this in mind and act in balance. As you do this, a beautiful responsible harmonious and peaceful New Earth shall take birth. 

Enjoy your time on Gaia! 

We send you lots of love
The Star Masters

In service to the Divine and Gaia, this message was channeled by Haripriya Suraj. This message is timeless and you can benefit from its wisdom any time and every time you read it. 

To register for a Personalised Channeled Starseed Transmission, please write to Haripriya on angelhealingbangalore@gmail.com. 

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