Friday, 12 June 2020

Smile & Dream BIG Lightworkers! : Pleaides Speaks

Dear Lightworkers, our beloved Starseeds on Earth, our dearest Ground Crew,

Greetings from the Pleaides!

Smile please….

We love to see your smile!

Do you know how amazing you look when you smile?

Remember, dear ones, you are an energy being in a physical human body.

How cool is that!!!

And you have been gifted the ability to express yourself in so many different ways.

Smiling is one way in which you can express yourself!

So, while you’re on Earth, smile as often as you can please….

Smile for us…your Star Family from the Pleaides!

Did you know that smiling helps you connect with your heart centre?

It helps you tap in to the higher vibrations of love and joy.

And in this lifetime, you have chosen to walk the path of the heart, dear ones!

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Beloveds, we see that you are opening up to your soul’s potential.

We see that you are more connected to your soul than ever before.

We see that you are so ready to tune in to the callings of your higher heart and soul.

We see that your Light is eager to shine bright, opening hearts, stirring souls, sharing love, radiating joy and anchoring peace.

We see that you are ready to heal the wounds of your heart and also to help others do the same.  

We see that you are ready to mend broken bridges and to start anew.

We see that you are ready to dream of new possibilities, when previously you thought none existed.

We see that you are so ready to welcome a new way of living, a new consciousness, new dreams, new possibilities…

And we tell you, dear ones - DREAM BIG!

You are meant to soar.

You are a light bearer, a way shower.

You are a co-creator of “Golden Gaia.”

Every high vibrational thought, idea, word and deed of yours shall be rewarded manifold as these higher vibrations benefit not just you, but the entire human collective.

Your soul has trained for this moment across multiple lifetimes.

Your soul has waited patiently for this precise moment in time, when all the wisdom it has gathered across its numerous incarnations can finally be put into practical use.

So, we urge you, dear ones, to DREAM BIG!

Hesitate not. Fear not.

If you knew that you are meant to succeed, would you be afraid?


We tell you that you are meant to succeed.

Your soul is meant to emerge triumphant in this most significant lifetime of yours.

And so it shall be!

SMILE with joy in your heart and TREAD with courage in your spirit.

Every heartfelt desire of yours is also a heartfelt desire of the cosmos, for anything which materialises from the heart benefits not just you, but also many other souls.

Dream, dream, dream, dream, dreeaammmmmm BIGGGGGGGGGG!!!!

Victory & Success to you, dear hearts!

With love
Your Star Family from the Pleaides

In service to the Divine and Gaia, this message was channeled by Haripriya Suraj on 11th June, 2020. This message is timeless and you may benefit from its wisdom any time and every time you read it. 

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