Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Blue Rings of Michael : A Channelled Message

 Beloved Ones,


I send love to you from the depths of my heart.

I wish to give you a message of hope and reassurance along with a gift.

Fear, fear and fear all around…

Where is the love, do you ask?

Does the environment on Earth lead you to wonder what’s happening?

Why is your beautiful planet plagued by such darkness?

Why do so many seemingly insurmountable problems haunt humanity?

Why are fear and anxiety rampant?

Why is there a need for stringent safety and security?

Why do people hurt each other – physically, mentally and emotionally?

Why do humans indulge in hatred and pettiness?

What about all the violence, crime, disease and poverty?

Beloveds, when sensitive souls such as you begin to ponder these questions, it can often feel like a cloud of darkness has settled over your head.

Have you ever developed a headache after watching the news or after having a conversation with someone who was caught up with the negative events unfolding in the world?

As an energy worker, you are likely to be highly energy sensitive. Besides, your soul may have experienced incarnations in dimensions of a higher vibration, where existence felt safe, abundant, peaceful and free flowing. As a result, the chaos that exists on Earth may feel foreign to you. 

Dear Ones

Part of your mission in this lifetime involves seeding the Earth with a lighter energy, a freshness and fragrance that has not been experienced there in a long time.

You have the ability to seed higher frequencies of love, light, wisdom, compassion, harmony, oneness, abundance and wellness by embodying them yourself.

Your soul is trained to assist with birthing whole new paradigms. And your sensitivity is a gift. You must remain your beautiful sensitive self, for only then can you do the work you are there to do.

However, in order to utilize your complete potential, you must keep your energy field strong and protected, as you navigate the density on Earth.

To assist you with this, I am offering a gift to you –

The Deep Blue Rings of Michael

Image by Fruity-Paws from Pixabay

These rings are an imprint of my personal energy field. When you invoke them, you call on an energetic shield of protection and alchemy. These rings will help you feel strong and confident as you combat darkness and go about your mission on Earth 

I hope my gift shall help you feel safe and bring a sense of lightness to your life.

Thank you for your service to Planet Earth!

I love you.

Steps to Invoke the Deep Blue Rings of Michael 

1.  Sit in a comfortable position. Bring your attention to your breath. Focus on the natural rhythm of your breath until you feel centered.

2.  Connect to your Higher Self and Spirit Team.

3.  Call upon a column of white light (

4.  Invoke the “Deep Blue Rings of Michael.” You may visualise these as concentric rings, stacked one on top of the other to form a cylindrical column. They extend all the way up into the ethers and also deep down into the core of the Earth. See or feel this column of blue rings anchor itself over the column of white light.

5.  You are now in a double energy grid comprising a column of pure white light and a column of blue rings.

6.  Breathe into this energy grid twelve times ( longer if you feel guided to).

7.  Affirm – ‘ Any and all discordant energy that comes towards me is instantly transmuted and alchemized into pure light by the deep blue rings of Michael. And so it is. Thank you!”

8.  You may invoke this grid every morning and evening. When you invoke the grid, you may also request it to be offered to your family, friends, home, workplace, vehicle, and geographical location (mention names of specific people and places). You may also request it to be offered to the planet as an act of service.

9.  You’re ready to take on the day with strength in your aura, gratitude in your heart and lightness in spirit!

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj. This message is timeless and you may benefit from its wisdom any time and every time you read it. 

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  1. Thank you so much Haripriya for your daily posts which guides me. Gratitude and love.❤️👐

    1. Glad to know you find them helpful! Love and light to you ❤️