Tuesday, 18 August 2020

New Moon Manifestation : Commander Ashtar's Message

 Dear Ones,

As Starseeds and Lightworkers incarnated on Earth, you have multiple roles to play and multiple mini missions to fulfil as part of one giant mission.

While the nature of your mini missions may vary, they are bound to be linked by a common thread.

The energy of the heart is likely to be the common factor that glues your missions together.

                               Image by Silvio Zimmermann from Pixabay 

Whether it’s connecting with your family at home, your choice of work or a hobby/passion that brings you joy, you are likely to be inspired to operate from your heart space. You may feel inspired to seed the expansive energy of the heart into everything you do.

As you progress on your path, you may feel your heart calling you to contribute in more areas than one. Know that this is perfectly normal. Each of you has incarnated with a specific soul blueprint. And this blueprint shall guide you through your journey on Earth. It shall tug at your heart strings every time conditions are favourable for you to live out an aspect of your mission.

Trust the callings of your heart.

Trust those feelings of euphoria that take over your being when you lend your energy to certain desires, activities and to certain ways of living/being.  

Those euphoric feelings are a sign that your soul blueprint is lighting up to let you know that you are on the right track. Your blueprint is guiding you to take the next step in the direction of your heart’s calling.

This New Moon, I urge you to pay attention to the diverse callings of your heart.

Get into the depths of your heart and feel each dream and calling.  

Soak in it. Sow the seed energetically. And allow it to manifest in the physical world in perfect divine timing….

With all my love

Commander Ashtar

This message was channeled by Haripriya Suraj. It is timeless and you may benefit from its wisdom any time and every time you read it. To register for a Personalised Starseed Transmission, you may reach Haripriya on angelhealingbangalore@gmail.com.

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