Saturday, 26 September 2020

Spiritual Alchemy on Earth : A Message from the Stars

 Beloved Ones,

Greetings from the Stars!

You are on the path to soul awakening.

You have experienced numerous challenges and learnt many valuable soul lessons on Earth.

You know that energy works in subtle ways and that you have a huge role in shaping your reality.

You are awakening to the truth of your cosmic origins.

You are a star being currently in an Earth body.

You are very loved.

You have always been watched over.

Have you ever felt this way, dear ones?

Have you ever felt like there is someone you can call out to, a subtle presence you can reach out to for help?

Some of you even called out, knowing you would be heard.

Do you ever feel a sense of love or comfort when you gaze at the stars?

That is the tugging of the cord that links your heart to ours, your Star Family!

We love you!

Dear Ones,

We are here today to let you know that you are ready to tap in to your complete potential as an awakening ‘Being of Light’ on Planet Earth.

You are ready to do everything that your soul has chosen to do in your current lifetime on Earth.

You are ready to shine the light.

However, in order for you to shine the light, you must not fear the darkness – be it in yourself or in others.

Life on Earth includes encountering darkness as well as light.

It includes experiencing a wide range of negative as well as positive thoughts, emotions and situations.

Do not judge yourself for feeling a negative emotion or thinking a negative thought. Negative emotions do not make you ‘bad.’ They only indicate you are human. They are not to be feared.

Going through a spiritual awakening on Earth means that you will come face to face with darkness of varied kinds over and over again.

It is part of the process. You encounter darkness, you face it courageously, you acknowledge its presence and you transform it.

You do not destroy the darkness, for energy can never be destroyed. However, you can choose to transform it, to alchemize it.

That’s how you shall work on Earth, beloved ones. Like an alchemist!

                                                    Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Learning to transform energy is a lesson you must master on the Earth plane.

At times, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the dark and heavy energies you encounter in yourself as well as in those around you.

However, we encourage you to view this ‘darkness’ in the right perspective.

Know that transformation of darkness is part of your ‘job description’ on Earth.

So, why fear?

We encourage you to march on fearlessly!

Tips to Transform Darkness

1.    Acknowledge the existence of any darkness you encounter within yourself. Do not fight it. Do not resist it.

2.    Give yourself space to feel it if required ( as in the case of a negative emotion).

3.    Transform it using the wide range of tools at your disposal. Send Reiki to it. Practice Emotional Freedom Technique. Journal. Talk to a trusted friend or family member. Practice Ho’oponopono. Paint. Dance. Do whatever works best for you or a do a combination of techniques. Now that you are awakening, do not let darkness fester within your system for longer than practically required to process and transform it.

4.    If the darkness you encounter is within others, begin to clean the part of you that is reacting to their darkness or feeling triggered by it. Ho’oponopono is the best tool to assist you with this.

Life on Earth shall be a continuous journey of alchemy and transformation. This work of alchemy you are doing as a human collective is laying the foundation for Gaia to step into a ‘Golden Age.’

Remember, you are never alone! As you progress on your path, you will be guided to meet your ‘Soul Tribe’ – souls of a similar vibration and with a similar mission as you.

Besides, we your ‘Star Family’ are just a thought away…

Connect with your night sky and feel our love coming your way!

We love you!

Your Cosmic Star Family

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channeled by Haripriya Suraj. This message is timeless and you may benefit from its wisdom any time and every time you read it.




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