Friday, 20 November 2020

Activating your Unicorn Light

 Unicorns are super high vibrational ‘Beings of Light.’

They represent purity, innocence, tender strength, heart wisdom and ascended consciousness.

My relationship with Unicorn Energy evolved over a period of years. It started off when I encountered unicorns in my oracle card readings.

This evolved to maintaining a Unicorn Communication Journal. I often wrote to the Unicorns and began to receive intuitive guidance from them.

At times, I invoked Unicorn energy while I practised Reiki self-healing.

I then went on to read spiritual teacher Diana Cooper’s work on the unicorns. Soon after this, I was coincidentally guided to a toy sale where I saw unicorns on display.

The image of those toy unicorns imprinted itself in my consciousness. Some days later, I was inspired to order a unicorn soft toy for myself and my inner child! Just cuddling with this little toy has helped me connect with Unicorn energy on a deeper level.  

Much like the angels, your connection with unicorns can be very close knit and loving. If you are tender hearted and bonded to your inner child, you are likely to enjoy connecting with Unicorns!

Do not be alarmed if connecting with Unicorn energy leaves you feeling extra sensitive. This may not happen to everyone but it did for me. As I connected  more and more with the Unicorns , I found I had less tolerance for the lower energies out in the world. It took awareness and effort to remind myself that I am part of a world based in duality. It Is important to stay grounded and balanced, knowing that both lower and higher vibrational energies are part of this planet. As Lightworkers, our job is to shine the light, no matter how daunting the darkness may seem.  

Here is a short channeled message to help you get a feel of Unicorn energy.

Relax, breathe and receive a Unicorn blessing from this message!

I hope you enjoy connecting with the Unicorns. 


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

 Message from the Unicorns

Beloved Ones,

Greetings from the Unicorn Realms!

A pure white heart infused with sparkles of gold…

This is what we bring to you today!

Receive it, dear ones.

Breathe this high vibrational heart into your own heart space.

One, two, three….and breathe.

Continue to breathe until you feel you have received enough from this heart.

Enough love

Enough light

Enough clarity

Enough wisdom

Enough forgiveness

Enough lightheartedness

Enough compassion

Enough purity

Enough strength

Dear Lightworkers,

You are waking up to your mission.

Purity of heart and purity of intent are pivotal to the success of your mission as a Light Bearer on Earth.

We see the light burning bright within you.

We see your capability to shine this light on Planet Earth.

Go into your heart space and connect with the light shining in there.

Breathe into this light until you feel a click.

That click denotes the highest level of purity your consciousness can attain at the current moment.

Hold that level of light and breathe it out into your surroundings.

Affirm that it touches everyone who is ready to receive it.

Breathe it out into your intentions, aspirations and inspirations so they may manifest in the highest possible way.

Breathe it into your own body, mind and energy field.

Invite high levels of purity, innocence and light into your body, mind and energy field. Remember to stay firmly grounded through all of it.

Activate your Unicorn Light and shine it big and bright, beloveds!

Many blessings.

Sunday, 1 November 2020

Channeling Messages from the Angels

 The Angels are high vibrational beings of love and light. They are playing a pivotal role in the awakening of healers and lightworkers around the planet. They are also helping lightworkers fulfil their life missions.

If you have felt a resonance with angelic energy at some point in your life, connecting with them could very well be your path!

Angels are the sweetest of light beings who are ever ready to hold unconditional space for all of humanity.

While the Angels can certainly help you with concerns of the material world, their assistance is most pertinent for matters of the heart and soul.

You may connect with the Angels in meditation. You may write to them. You may simply converse with them.

Another way to connect with the Angels is to tune in to their energy and to download messages of love and wisdom, in other words, channeling.

Channeling is a powerful way to receive ongoing angelic guidance for yourself.

If you are regular with Reiki practice/energy work, channeling angelic messages should feel easy and natural to you. All it requires is a willingness to tune in and trust the intuitive insights that come to you. 

Image by anncapictures from Pixabay

Channeling Angels

What to Channel

You may channel a message for yourself every morning or before retiring for the night.

You may channel guidance for a specific question you may have or for a specific area of your life.

You may also channel guidance for your clients.


Channeling happens effortlessly when your personal energetic space is clean and clear. If your mind feels heavy and your energy scattered, channeling is likely to feel harder than it should. Before you attempt to channel an angelic message, make sure you help yourself feel centered. You may do this through deep breathing, meditation or by invoking a column of white light  


A Reiki self-healing can also help you achieve a state of calm and centeredness. You may find yourself receptive to channeling towards the end of a Reiki self-healing session.

How to Channel

Once you are in a calm and centered frame of being, bring your awareness to your heart chakra. Place your palms over your heart and set an intention to tune in to the Angels. The Angels resonate with unconditional love. Therefore, the heart chakra serves as a powerful portal to connect with them.

Put forth your question or request for guidance. You may do this mentally or on paper. At times, you may not have a specific question or request. You may still channel by asking the Angels to give you any information that will help you on your path. What you receive may surprise you!

Take a few deep breaths and just be.

Allow yourself to receive.

You may receive messages in the form of words, images or just as a knowing.

Trust the information you receive.

Remember, you do not have to make this happen. 

It happens spontaneously when you are in a receptive state of being.

If you prefer to write or draw, you may begin to do so as impressions begin to stream into your awareness.

Writing down whatever comes to you is strongly recommended as it can help you remember, absorb and integrate the guidance received.

Characteristics of Channeled Angel Messages

True angelic messages feel loving and empowering. Even if the guidance that comes through sounds challenging, it always has an empowering feel to it. If what you receive feels frightening or uncomfortable, rest assured that it isn’t authentic angelic guidance and can be dismissed without second thought.

Messages are received spontaneously and you do not have to strain to channel them.

The more often you do it, the easier it gets, until it begins to feel very natural.

Channeling the Angels is a wonderful way to connect with them. I hope you enjoy it!