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Affirmations in Reiki Practice

 Affirmations are empowering statements that support our growth and evolution in body, mind and spirit.

We use the power of ‘word’ to help create a high vibration. Words are a form of energy! The positive vibrations generated by our word support the creation of a higher vibrational reality for ourselves and those around us.

Almost all of us who practise Reiki self-healing focus on the seven primary chakras. The chakras offer invaluable insights regarding our growth and potential as human and spiritual beings. Affirmations practised alongside Reiki can help us become conscious of the role each chakra plays in our life, apart from helping us develop and strengthen the qualities of the chakras.

How to Practise Chakra Affirmations

Every time you place your palms on a specific chakra, you recite one or more affirmations related to that particular energy centre. It’s as simple as that!

You may say the affirmation out loud or mentally.

As you say the affirmation, you may get an intuitive sense of where you stand with regard to the health of each chakra. If you sense resistance or blocks in a particular chakra, do not worry, You will recognise resistance if a particular affirmation feels false or makes you uncomfortable. Do not worry if this happens. Take it as a positive sign instead. The discomfort you feel is revealing to you that some inner work needs to be done. 

                                 Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

Sample Affirmations for the 7 Chakras

The following affirmations are for your reference. You may use the same or you may create affirmations you resonate with.

Remember it’s important to feel connected to the words you pick! This increases the power of your affirmations.

Crown Chakra

I AM connected to Source Light.

I AM nourished by Source Light.

I AM part of a Oneness Field that connects all of existence.

I AM a wave in the infinite ocean of Divine Light.  I have a separate identity yet I AM one with the ocean.

I AM in tune with my Higher Self.

Third Eye Chakra

I see beyond what my physical eyes show me.

I trust in the power of my sixth sense.

I  trust the whispers of my intuition.

I AM connected to my Spirit Guides and Angels.

I AM an open channel for limitless divine inspiration.

I AM always guided by my Higher Self.

I co-create my reality in partnership with my Higher Self.

Throat Chakra

I AM creative.

I AM brimming with creative potential.

I honour my voice.

I AM in tune with my authentic self.

I speak my truth with love and respect.

I listen to the truths expressed by others with love and respect.

Heart Chakra

I love and accept myself as I AM.

I love and accept myself with the glory of my Light and the density of my Shadow.

I forgive my human shortcomings.

I am compassionate towards myself.

As I am forgiving and compassionate with myself, it becomes easy for me to be forgiving and compassionate with others.

I choose to live in gratitude.

Gratitude is part of my daily life.

The more I am grateful for what I already have, the more I discover gifts to be grateful for.

Solar Plexus Chakra

I AM nourished by the Cosmic Golden Sun.

I AM nourished by my personal etheric sun - the fire in my belly.

I choose to stand in my power.

I choose to feel good about who I am.

I exercise my will with strength and confidence.

My human will is perfectly aligned with Divine Will.

Sacral Chakra

I honour my creative potential.

I create projects and situations that bring blessings to me and to the world.

I AM flexible.

I flow with life.

I allow myself to feel different emotions.

I choose to love and accept myself with all of my emotions.

Root Chakra

I recognise and give thanks for the miracle that is my physical human body.

I love my body.

I nourish my body with fresh and nutritious food, exercise and rest.

I AM grounded to Mama Earth.

I AM in my body as much as I am in the higher realms.

I AM safe and supported on Mama Earth.

The Light of Mama Earth supports my mission as a Lightworker.

I hope you enjoy working with affirmations and Reiki!

Many blessings.

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